The classic carpet: from pure silk Persian carpets to those more recent models,
which are destined to become tomorrow’s classics.

The awareness of being custodians of a truly priceless legacy fosters our commitment to look for the best yarns, to preserve the traditional time-honoured craftsmanship and production.

About Loomier

A collection that has its origins in the tradition of the classic carpet and accurately replicates its technical qualities and aesthetics. From the antique silk Persian carpet to the more recent production, destined to become tomorrow’s classic, the Loomier method accurately follows precise and time-honoured rules: the search for the best yarns to ensure the greatest softness and colour vibrancy, traditional craftsmanship to guarantee the absolute precision of detail. The carpets evoke a melting pot of peoples and traditions, a testimony of tales and legends, of priceless treasures, invaluable furnishings that stand for private luxury, a pleasure to experience and to ultimately pass on.

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