A free spirited and contemporary take on the tradition of the kilim carpet,
yet at the same time fully observing the original qualities.

Colour, simplicity in design, references to nature; the kilim for Jalal is the perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity, a continuous pursuit of harmony and creative freedom.

About Jalal

A collection that reproposes the kilim tradition in a free spirited and modern style. From the depictions of the most traditional designs through to the most current interpretations, every carpet is in fact made of pure wool, knotted according to the characteristic flat weaving technique, without any signs of fleece. Reflecting the product’s original spirit, attributable to typically rural cultures, the collection reconfirms the simplicity of design, the free use of colour and a frequent reference to nature. Harmony, originality and functionality are the three characteristics of a tradition which Jalal preserves through the quality of materials and production techniques, reinventing them with new, enhanced proposals.

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