Carpets care

Hints for a beautiful and healthy rug

Carpets offer a range of incredible benefits for your home:

    • They complete and define the decorative style of a furnishing space
    • They easily personalize an environment, because they satisfy different decorative solution depending on their positioning or they can be simply changed
    • They make the environment more cozy thanks to:
      • The softness of the textures, that gives pleasant tactile experiences
      • The warmness that is kept and then spread in the air
      • Hushed and silent ambient, because they deaden the noise of the steps
      • They protect the pavement from dirt and use and cover the ruined angles

      In order to preserve their original beauty and their intrinsic qualities, carpets need particular attention in their conservation and daily cleaning: these are gestures and little precautions for a correct procedure that can also lengthen the life of rugs.

      Important: always consult experts for professional treatments

      The quick precautions we are talking about in this guide are additional actions to execute as a reinforcement for professional maintenance.


      Daily and localized cleaning

      1. VACUUMING

      Gentle movements and powerless mode are the main rules to follow for a correct procedure to maintain every rug in perfect conditions. Remember to:

      • Hoover always in the fleece direction (understandable by the smooth touch)
      • Prefer manual sweepers and hand-held attachment, or the normal vacuum cleaner without beater bars
      • Be delicate when passing over the fringes because they’re particularly sensible

      2. Stain removing

      The spot cleaning action must be immediate, delicate and proven back by a cleaning expert. The general advices are:

      • Use always clean lukewarm water and a dry white cloth to dab gently
      • Restore the fleece in the original direction with a clothes brush

      Each material faces a different issue and way of treatment.

      Wool and Synthetic Fibers

      These yarns need a gentle action with delicate movements, cold water mixed with a small amount of dish soap and a spoon to remove the residues.
      Pay attention to the shedding, especially in Shaggy rugs.

      Natural Fibers (Jute, Seagrass, Sisal, Hemp)

      These fibers suffer the use of chemical products: use only water. Pass frequently the vacuum with the powerless mode to limit and decrease treads and knots.


      This kind of rug require a professional cleaning once a year; for a quick and localized cleaning, mild soap and lukewarm water can be applied with a soft brush.


      The cleaning is easy and fast and there’s no risk to ruin the carpet: you can spray a mix of water and soap and let the rug dry under the sun in the open air.

3. Natural remedies

Natural remedies, applied with a soft brush, can improve the beauty care of the carpet with some benefits. Let’s discover them:

  • White Vinegar

    High hygiene, bright colors and neutralized smells, it fights against germs and damaging insects hidden into the fleece.

  • Marseille Soap

    Deletes all kinds of stains: it’s enough to move it on and rinse.

  • Bicarbonate

    Ideal for a localized and focused cleaning, it has a high power of hygiene and smell neutralization.

  • Starch (or talc or chalk)

    These common products are highly effective in erasing oily stains.


Storage and protection of rugs

The storage process is an important phase of the carpet’s life, maybe the most delicate to determine its health and beauty.

The proper method to protect rugs from time, weather and danger of ruining designs a specific area, way and arrangements.

    • Storage area: a dry, fresh and periodically cleaned room, protected by the direct sunlight and with a stable climate
    • Storage packing: the rug has to be rolled with the pile inside and packed into a nylon bag with some naphthalene. The best storage is the standing position, far from the floor to reduce the contact with germs and dust
    • Storage advices: put the rug far from other object, especially heavy ones over it, to avoid creases and back damages