The In/Outdoor collection, Vivace by ABC

08 July 2021

The new Vivace Outdoor collection narrates of afternoons and full days, of summers and all the seasons, spent in relaxation and in comfort, in good company or in stillness, in the sun or screened by cool shades.

The carpets of Vivace Outdoor are conceived with these atmospheres in mind, and they are designed to define hybrid spaces, on the threshold between the cosiness of the domestic walls and the hedonism close to nature of porches, patios and gardens. The collection offers three variations on the same theme: Solid, Flatwave and Maggio. They share a few common features – their solid flat, fleet-less texture, the OekoTex certification, the possibility of water washing and sanitation – but each series has a clear-cut personality.


Solid carpets are handcrafted with the typical concentric V-shaped technique, and they glow of their colours’ shades, enhanced by white and ivory insertions. Flatwave carpets are two-colours experiments, based on figurative or abstract geometries, at the same time rigorous and luminous. To conclude, the Maggio series is the thorough reinterpretation of graphics of ancient origins, as elegant as they are exuberant. Solid, Flatwave and Maggio are different and complementary formal universes, subtle hints to the countless possible ways to live in the open air.


Photos by: Federico Torra


Stripes blue
Solid acqua 120 round
Trellis terra
Frame beige brick