The marvel of cotton

01 March 2021

The first encounter between mankind and cotton is lost in the mists of time, and is usually traced back to more than seven thousand years ago.

Since that moment cotton, which is the most versatile and widespread of all natural fibers, has become a common presence in our daily landscapes: as a dress to be worn, as part of our homes’ furniture, and as the unexpected component of several objects of common use.


The marvel of cotton resides also, and above all other features, in the variety of textures, thicknesses, consistencies and colors which can be obtained through different manufacturing processes. The pure cotton carpets from the Cotton Looms collection by Vivace are entirely hand-woven. Therefore, their surface vibrates with the slightest, barely perceptible, unevenness: this is, in fact, the actual quality of an object which is unique each time. Solid colors transform into kaleidoscopes of ton-sur-ton nuances, while geometric motifs, such as those of Cotton Looms Mirto, are virtually projected in the third dimension.


Abano blue
Abano grey
Millport black white
Riviera black/whote