EcoPlanet: the new recycled carpets by ABC

01 April 2021

Designed for the consumer, engineered for the planet. Introducing ABC latest product range, a collection of carpets made 100% of recycled PET bottles.

It all began 15 years ago, when an intuition became the mission of a decade: to produce yarns from recycled bottles, with the same characteristics as the yarns produced from natural raw materials: soft, high quality and resistant. After years of trials and test, ABC is one of the first worldwide companies to produce carpets 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Discover the collection

Our mission to respect the environment

We believe that as manufacturer we have a social responsibility not only to produce high quality and beautiful products, but also to help the consumer to make the right decisions. Thanks to our latest production systems we can finally provide a carpet range that not only durable and environmental friendly, but also affordable for everyone.

A revolutionary production process, 15 years in the making

It all begins with the selection of high quality plastic, sourcing from the materials provided by our partners. The polymers are then washed, separated from other material, and then grinded. Following that, one more selection takes place, one more washing and finally the raw plastic can be transformed in the final yarns. The water used in the process is 100% reusable thanks to our cleaning facilities.

From plastic bottles to soft and durable carpets

Our new range features all the technical characteristics that a carpet must have: washable with high temperature water, UV resistant, bright colours, stains and mold resistant, static control and hypoallergenic. Thanks to the exceptional resistance to humidity, the carpets can be used both inside and outside. Discover the collection