Natural Fibers

24 February 2021

The surface of a carpet is an enclosed space, other from its surroundings. And yet natural fibers also transform a carpet into a bridge between different ages, places and habits.

To craft a natural-fiber carpet today means to establish a direct link between a thousand-year-old tradition and a contemporary object; between the expertise of ancient artisan manufacture and its mindful, curious reinterpretation; between the sustainability of their vegetable or animal origin materials and the quality of the final product.


This is why all Jalal carpets are entirely made of natural fibers: cotton, jute and wool alternate and combine in the kilim of the Istinto, Kilim Nirvana and Jute collections, among many others. Their flat weave, respectful of their tradition, magnifies the exquisite raw material through geometric compositions that pay a tribute to centuries-old artworks, while also reaffirming the unquestionable modernity of their aesthetics of fabled origins.


Juta maya
Istinto c natural
Juta hugo
Kilim box ivory black